5 films with reference apartment design

Carefully! These films will make you immediately start moving, or at least take on a total remodeling of your home. Each of these films is worth establishing a separate Oscar in the Interior Design category. After all, the masters who perfected the style of the apartments in these paintings showed no less creativity than the performers of the main roles.

Great beauty

An Oscar-winning film, overflowing with luxury, grace and a sense of style. In the interiors that appear in the picture, antique pathos, classical rigor and ultra-modern laconicism are harmoniously intertwined. The film takes place in Rome. The main character is the famous journalist and writer Jep Gambardella. He is already 65 years old and he is really disillusioned with the world around him.

He spends almost every night at social events. But he is very skeptical of those he meets there. He condemns their every step, every action and deed, because any of them is not able to attract attention to themselves with anything other than their money or the scandal around themselves. Jep takes great pleasure in exposing all these people who consider themselves representatives of high society, showing the true insides of each of them.

Ex Machina

The interiors of the future will look exactly like in this film. One of the most successful science fiction films, Ex Machina, is about a programmer at a large Internet company. Unexpectedly, he becomes the winner of a competition for the chance to live in the house of the company’s CEO. However, upon arriving at this place, he realizes that he has become part of a strange experiment that will forever change his understanding of the world. After all, the main character will be entrusted with testing a female robot with artificial intelligence.

50 shades of grey

One of the most sensational erotic melodramas expands the horizons of not only sexual freedom, but also the idea of what an ideal modern interior should be like. The spacious studio layouts here are filled with blue and gray furniture, and wide floor-to-ceiling windows create the illusion of endless walls. The film centers on literary student Anastasia Steele, who goes to interview wealthy Christian Gray. She encounters a beautiful, brilliant and at the same time frightening man. From this moment their dangerous and passionate love story begins.

Crazy Rich Asians

The most luxurious apartments in the tallest skyscrapers in Singapore, where the richest people in the world throw parties. This is exactly what is shown in the motley comedy “Crazy Rich Asians,” which provides an opportunity to visit the world of multi-billionaires, which is closed to many. The plot of the film centers on a Chinese woman, Rachel Chu, who lives in New York and has a degree in economics. She and her boyfriend Nick travel to his hometown of Singapore for the wedding of her childhood best friend. Upon arrival, Rachel begins to gradually learn the truth about her lover: it turns out that Nick comes from an insanely rich family that owns a huge inheritance. He is perhaps the most eligible bachelor in all of Asia. Without meaning to, Rachel becomes an easy target for envious people and a mother who does not approve of her son’s choice.

American Psycho

Laconic business interior style with a minimum of furniture. Only those things with a price tag of at least four zeros have access to such apartments. Those who like to furnish their home in this way will like the austerity of the apartment of Patrick Bateman, the main character of the film “American Psycho”. At first glance, the man himself is no different from those around him; in a crowd of people, one might not pay attention to him. In the modern world, fashionable clothes and visits to prestigious restaurants become a person’s calling card. However, at night an obsessive passion for violence awakens in him and a law-abiding citizen turns into a sophisticated killer who terrorizes the sleeping city. Thus, Patrick begins a series of brutal and senseless murders.


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