Series about big money

Below you will find five series telling about ambitious bankers, enterprising financiers and aggressive billionaires.


The series shows the cruel world of big money, into which young talents are trying to break into. The plot centers on several college graduates who are trying to get a position at a leading investment bank in London. Each of them has to become the hero of a dangerous and at the same time inspiring story, because they are ready to do anything for success in their careers. The script for the series was written by experienced bankers.


The story is about how British television people came up with the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, and at the same time, viewers came up with ways to hack this show. As a result, big money will be received by those who not only know how to count well, but also quickly navigate the encyclopedia.


Continuation of the epic financial drama about the confrontation between a billionaire and a prosecutor in New York. The first is looking for ways to quickly get rich in order to earn as much as possible. The second one builds relationship patterns to gain power. They dig dirt on each other. And at the same time, between them stands a woman psychologist, who is equally dear to both the financier and the prosecutor.


The plot of this series starts from a financial background and goes far into the dark depths of the criminal world. The story centers on financier Martin Bird, who launders money for a drug cartel. To do this, he and his family move to a small Ozark town.

Like the aforementioned Ozark, this series received very high ratings from both viewers and critics. The second season of “Descendants” was released back in 2019, but it was in 2020 that it received a number of prestigious awards.

The film tells about a family of media tycoons. The three sons and daughter of the elderly owner of a billion-dollar company are eyeing a position at its helm. And in order to gain power over one of the world’s largest capitals, one must pass a series of difficult and sometimes cruel exams that the father arranges for his children.


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