Sex during menstruation: dispelling myths

In the conditions of modern life, when sex is no longer a taboo, doing it during menstruation causes misunderstanding among many. The ban on this comes from ancient times, when a woman during menstruation was considered a dirty creature and people did not really know why she bleeds. Times have changed. And sex during menstruation is quite likely if partners are not embarrassed by blood.

And some women of the fair sex these days feel even stronger attraction than usual. When there is no desire to have sex during this period, then you don’t need to go against yourself either. This issue needs to be discussed with a partner. And for those who doubt, below are common myths.

During menstruation, it is impossible to catch AIDS and other infections

This is a big misconception. If you engage in intercourse with a carrier of HIV and other infections, infection cannot be avoided. Therefore, during the period of menstruation, safe sex is necessary.

Sex during menstruation is a dirty job

Menstruation is an indicator of women’s health, they come every month and do not serve as anything dirty, there is no need to be ashamed of them.

During this period, there is a possibility of getting dirty. Some couples who don’t want to leave stains on their sheets choose to do so in the bathtub or shower. And you can put a towel on the bed.

To protect women’s health, you can use a special cap, diaphragm or condom. In addition to the fact that these devices prevent the leakage of blood, they provide reliable protection against genital infections.


After sex, periods are more painful and last longer

The uterus contracts and relaxes during orgasm. And that eases the pain. The contraction process leads to an active separation of the endometrium, which means an earlier end of menstruation than is usually expected.

During sex, endorphins and other hormones are released in the body, which improve overall well-being and improve mood.

Can’t get pregnant during menstruation

It’s a lie. The chance of getting pregnant exists on any day of the menstrual cycle. Although the chances during menstruation are quite low, they are still present. Therefore, it is simply necessary to use contraceptives even during this period. Especially in the case when pregnancy is undesirable. If you are unsure about your partner, a condom is the best way to protect yourself. This method of contraception also makes it possible to well avoid possible infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


It is convenient to use tampons during sex

No matter how successful it seems to use a tampon for penetrating sex, it is strongly not recommended to do this. The partner may push it too far and disrupt the uterus or cause erosion during intercourse. Therefore, it is better to remove the tampon in time.

Don’t masturbate during Women’s Day

And this is also a big misconception. For self-satisfaction, it is only important to observe basic hygiene, that is, pre-wash your hands and your sexual toys (if any).

Oral sex is prohibited during menstruation

In reality, this is not the case. It is important to remember here that dangerous infections can be transmitted not only sexually, but also with the help of other fluids. In this case, as with other methods, it is recommended to use a condom. In particular, if you doubt the health of your partner.


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