Why does women feel pain during the sex

In her life, almost every woman faced such a problem as a feeling of discomfort and pain during sex. Most often, this situation begins to manifest itself after 35 years, and some pain occurs regularly. What is the reason for this and what to do in such cases? Let’s try to figure out the problem.

Among the reasons for this condition, which greatly reduce sexual desire, it should be noted the causes of a medical and psychological nature.

Gynecological diseases

The first thing to do in case of pain during intercourse is to undergo an examination, which includes testing, ultrasound and a consultation with a gynecologist. The reasons may be associated with inflammation of the appendages (andexitis), erosion of the cervix, proliferation of the uterine mucosa or its inflammation, fibroids or fibroids, inflammation of the vaginal mucosa (colpitis) and some other diseases that are dangerous to a woman’s health. And in this case, it is necessary to get rid of this disease as soon as possible, until the disease has become chronic. It is important to undergo a course of treatment prescribed by a doctor, and if necessary, perform an operation.

боль во время полового акта

When a sharp pain in the side is felt during intercourse, this is the first sign of inflammation of the ovaries. And here, too, one cannot do without treatment, which can drag on for a couple of months, but after having sex, they will again be a pleasure, not discomfort. To reduce pain, it is necessary to choose appropriate positions in which a woman can control the depth of penetration herself, for example, the “rider” position.

Another cause of pain, accompanied by itching, may be the presence of a fungal infection on the external genitalia. These symptoms are accompanied by thrush, which also requires immediate treatment, allergic reactions, manifested as a result of the use of pads or soap.

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Some women may experience pain during sex for some time after giving birth. This is due to tears in the vaginal area, which leads to the formation of scar tissue. Scars can dissolve over time, but sometimes it becomes necessary to remove them, so in this case it is also important to consult a specialist. It should be noted that having sex during menstruation causes discomfort for most women.

Vaginal dryness

In about 25% of cases, the occurrence of discomfort during sex can be associated with vaginal dryness. Among the causes of this condition can be noted the use of antidepressants, which reduce sexual desire. This can also be observed during breastfeeding or in the premenopausal and menopause period, when the hormonal background is disturbed, and as a result, natural lubricant is released in insufficient quantities. In this case, the way out of this situation is to use a water-based lubricant.

боль во время секса

Prelude before intimacy

Reluctance to have sex is a psychological moment that can provoke discomfort. And in this case, it is important not to rush and maximize the foreplay before intercourse. In this case, it is advisable to use intimate gels.

When a woman experiences pain or nausea as a result of a light touch from her partner on the genitals, this is a sign of vaginismus, which consists in convulsive contraction of the vaginal muscles that occurs immediately after the man begins to insert the penis. Another problem associated with the psyche of a woman is the so-called coitophobia, when a partner is afraid of sexual intercourse.

Since these diseases are of a mental nature, it is necessary to consult the relevant specialists. A psychiatrist or psychoneurologist will prescribe the necessary treatment to get rid of such undesirable manifestations in the female psyche.

женщине больно во время секса

Faced with problems of pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, you should not be afraid; to solve the problem, you immediately need to consult a competent specialist.


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