Sex: Favorite positions of different zodiac signs

Astrologers believe that the position of the stars affects all spheres of human life, including intimate ones. That is, each sign of the zodiac has its own position in sex – and in it he will receive the greatest pleasure.


Aries is known to be a very bossy sign, which is why men prefer to take their partner from behind, while women like the cowgirl position. If they come across a partner who prefers to obey, this is an ideal union.


Tauruses are very homely, so they prefer maximum comfort. The missionary position and a proven partner is what helps them focus on sensations.


Representatives of this sign like eye contact with a partner and a variety of “highlights” in poses. Favorite position – standing, preferably somewhere in an interesting place.


For them, emotional intimacy is the most important thing during sex, so they are likely to prefer the cowgirl or missionary position in order to feel a partner.

Любимые позы в сексе разных знаков зодиака


Lions are temperamental and sophisticated lovers who like to feel the maximum of temperament and passion, hence their favorite pose – doggy style.


It is important for them that there are no distractions during the process – this is due to the increased sensitivity of this sign. Spoons help them to focus on the emotions of the second half as much as possible.


Equality in everything, including sex, is the motto of Libra. They are not too active and not too passive, believing that partners should exert effort from both sides, so the spider pose suits them perfectly.


These are very liberated and sophisticated lovers who get the most out of the process. And the most favorite pose of Scorpio will be the one in which you can use a mask and handcuffs.

Секс для разных знаков зодиака


Role playing and spontaneity is what they need. And since passion overtakes them anywhere and anytime, the favorite position is the one that comes to the moment. The main thing is not to forget about the partner’s sexual ass.


In life, Capricorns keep everything under control, but in the bedroom they relax and simply allow their partner to do all sorts of indecency with them. Doggy style and missionary are the perfect positions for their orgasm.


These are real experimenters and sex inventors who are ready to test furniture for strength for the sake of a strong orgasm. Of the poses, they like the “rider girl” the most.


They prefer to give sexual pleasure to the second half and do everything possible for this. As a result, favorite poses are frog and missionary.


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