Box office collections of Ukrainian films in 2014

In 2014, only two Ukrainian films made money: “Love in the City 3” (co-production with Russia) and the documentary “Maidan” (co-production with the Netherlands).

“Love in the City 3” collected in CIS cinemas an amount that was five times its budget – $15.88 million.

The exact collections of the “Maidan” film have not yet been published. However, according to director Sergei Loznitsa, the film “fully financed itself – covered production costs. I can’t say the final collections, since the film is still being released somewhere.”





Love in Big City 3

(dir. Marius Weisberg and David Dodson)

January 1, $2.7 million. CIS – $15.88 million.


(dir. Valentin Vasyanovich)

January 23 5 million UAH.

47.4 thousand. UAH

(786 tickets)



(dir. Oleg Stepchenko)

January 30 $26 million

Total box office – $39.5 million.

Of which Ukraine – $4.6 million (leader in domestic box office in 2014)



Kyiv cake

(dir. Alexey Shaparev)

February 20, $865 thousand. “The premiere coincided with the bloody events on the Maidan. Our rental two weeks brought in 150 thousand UAH,” producer Victoria Chigrina.

Green jacket

(dir. Vladimir Tikhy)

March 20 About 6.85 million UAH. About 14 thousand UAH.


(dir. Anatoly Mateshko)

March 27 16 million UAH. About 400 thousand UAH.


(dir. Vyacheslav and Alexander Aleshechkin)

April 3 $375 thousand

Total box office – $340 thousand.

Of which:

Ukraine – $140 thousand.

Russia – $150 thousand.

Other countries – $50 thousand.


Do you love me?

(dir. Yulia Kurbatova)

April 10 n/a n/a


(Sergey Loznitsa)

July 24 95 thousand euros

Fully paid off

Box office in Ukraine – $25 thousand.


Single under contract

(dir. Evgeny Matvienko)

September 4 n/a

964 thousand UAH

(23,871 tickets)



(dir. Miroslav Slaboshpytsky)

September 11 $1.3 million

Ukraine – 390 thousand UAH.

CIS – $17,763 thousand.

Abroad – about 150 thousand spectators


Such beautiful people

(dir. Dmitry Moiseev)

23 September

6 million UAH.

(+20 thousand – distribution)

100 thousand UAH.

Our Hope

(dir. Vladimir Tikhy)

October 21


The film was made on a volunteer basis


About 2.5-3 thousand spectators.

The sessions were for charity. The collected funds were sent to the military


F 63.9 Love disease

(dir. Alena Demyanenko and Dmitry Tomashpolsky)

October 30 12 million UAH. 500 thousand UAH.


(dir. Oles Sanin)

November 12 16.6 million UAH. $903,916


(dir. Marina Medved)

December 18 7.1 million UAH

Ukraine – 1921 thousand UAH.

CIS – $18,247 thousand.

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In 2014, Ukrainians spent about UAH 860 million on cinema tickets. At the same time, the total box office receipts of domestic films in Ukraine amounted to about UAH 90 million. (9%). Half of this amount was provided by “Viy”, and approximately another quarter by “Love in the City 3”.