The sexiest movies of 2018

The period when the nights get longer and the days get shorter is a great time to treat yourself to watching a spicy movie. That’s why we’ve collected the sexiest movies of 2018 for you.


According to the plot, 20 young dancers gather for a rehearsal in a former school, where they live and dance for several days. At a party, someone secretly adds LSD to a vat of sangria, after which real chaos begins to occur in the house. This particular film is number one on the list of “Sexiest Movies of 2018”.

“Sorry, angel”

Arthur is twenty, he lives and studies in Brittany, loves to read, dream and believes that nothing is impossible. Jacques is soon forty, he writes books, raises his son and no longer hopes for a happy future. Having met, the heroes are drawn into an incredible and sad romance.

“Don’t touch”

The film tells the stories of three people who are equally unable to touch each other. Through a desire for intimacy, they work to overcome old stereotypes, defense mechanisms and taboos, “cut the umbilical cord” and finally become free. The film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival this year.


Ranit returns to her hometown after receiving news of her father’s death. He was a rabbi, and this town has always stood out among others for its harsh morals. But after meeting a childhood friend, Ranit realizes that he has certain feelings for her.

Now Esty is married, but she realizes that she will not be happy next to her husband. Although the girl grew up in this society, she never considered herself capable of obeying very strict orders. She wants freedom and the opportunity to choose her own path in life.

“Red Sparrow”

After a professional injury, the promising Bolshoi Theater ballerina Dominika Egorova is forced to say goodbye to the stage, and with it, her usual way of life.

The prospects for the girl and her sick mother are more than bleak, which forces the main character to agree to cooperate with the Russian special services. She undergoes complex training and becomes Sparrow, a special agent who has turned her body and mind into a deadly weapon.

“Fifty Shades Freed”

The final part of the trilogy tells about the events in the life of the couple Christian and Anastasia after they decided to get married. The newlyweds go on their honeymoon to a paradise. And it would seem that nothing could ruin their vacation. However, danger awaits the young spouses. A man from Christian’s past threatens their family happiness and even their lives. He thirsts for revenge and uses a rich imagination to realize his plans.

“How to Talk to Girls at Parties”

The film takes place in the suburbs of London in the late 1970s. Influenced by the Sex Pistols, every teenager in the country wants to be a punk. And a guy named Ann is no exception. Together with his friends Vic and John, he one day ends up at a party where students who came to their city on an exchange program are spending time.

However, the friends had no idea that these girls came from places much further away than America. And that in fact they are aliens from another galaxy, sent to Earth to prepare for a mysterious ritual.

“Duck Butter”

Naima is a lonely young woman who is busy with her career and trying to arrange her personal life. After work, she visits an establishment where only women gather. They do not hesitate to express their emotions and feelings, not wanting to have relationships with men.

But Naima comes here not to dance and have fun, but to have serious conversations trying to find like-minded people. However, sometimes she does not refuse pretty girls who invite her to dance.

“Day off”

A group of criminal-looking Danes led by Mike comes to relax on the Turkish coast. He is accompanied by the blonde Sasha. She masterfully feigns delight at Mike’s money.

In return, of course, she belongs entirely to him — like an expensive and weighty watch, which he carefully takes off in appropriate situations, and like henchmen whom he kicks down the stairs for any mistakes. Having skillfully fit into this patriarchal-criminal-financial hierarchy, Sasha still yearns for something. And so she happily starts a beach romance with the Dutchman Thomas.

“There will be no sex”

Three school friends Julie, Kayla and Sam decide to say goodbye to their fun school life in an original way. They are going to lose their virginity at the upcoming prom. Each of them sees an intimate moment in their own way. But they all firmly decided that this should happen in one night. After all, this is exactly what they think best friends should do.

But the girls couldn’t even imagine that caring parents would find out about their intentions and would decide at all costs to prevent their children from committing such a frivolous act.


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