The tallest statues in the world

The most famous large statues in the world, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Sphinx in Giza, are not the highest monuments in the world. Moreover, they are not even included in the TOP-10. It is believed that the statue is erected to some historical event or dedicated to a famous person. Oddly enough, most of the leaders of this rating are located in Asia.

Unity statue

It depicts the Prime Minister of India Vallabhai Patel and is located on the island of Sadhu, its height is 182 m.

Unity statue

Zhong Yuan buddha statue

Much lower than the first first place – only 128 m – is the monument of Buddha Vairochana. It is located in China, where it appeared in 2008.

Чжун Юаньська статуя Будди


Another Buddha statue was built in the same year, its originality lies in the fact that inside there is a museum of objects of Buddhist art. The height of the monument is 115.8 m.


The legendary monument in Kyiv was opened in 1981 and is still the highest in Europe. Its height reaches 102 meters along with a pedestal and a sword. in 2023, during the war of Ukraine against terrorist Russia on the shield of the monument, the Soviet coat of arms was replaced with the Ukrainian trident.

Батьківщина мати

Daibutsu Ushiku

And again, the Buddha statue, erected in 1995, it is considered the tallest among those made of bronze, is exactly 100 m high.

Daibutsu Ushiku

Statue of the goddess Kannon

A 100-meter monument located in Japan, in the city of Usik, in 1991.

Статуя богини Каннон

Guishan Guanyin thousand hands and eyes

1 m less than the goddess of mercy – a bronze statue located in China in the city of Hunan. According to legend, Guanyin received 1000 hands and eyes from Amitabh in order to have time to free all living beings from rebirth and Samsara.

Гуйшань Гуаньінь тисячі рук та очей

Big Buddha of Phuket

Another Buddha located in Thailand in Phuket. It is 92 meters high and was built with donations.

Большой Будда Пхукета

Awaji Kannon

The statue, which is one of the most amazing, is located in Japan. It is dedicated, oddly enough, not to a deity and not to an outstanding person, but to a realtor who once dealt with real estate. It was from his house that this statue was erected. After the death of the owner, it was handed over to the government. It is 80 m high.

Buddha statue in Wuxi

Another Buddha statue erected from bronze is located in the city of Wuxi in China, it is 88 m and completes the TOP 10 tallest statues in the world.

Статуя Будди в Уси

From this rating, many can really be surprised to find out that the Statue of Liberty is a kind of middle peasant, which, despite its fame all over the world, did not even enter the top ten.


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