The most beautiful cities in the world

Traveling to different parts of the globe has long been transformed from an exclusive privilege for a separate group of people into an opportunity for real acquaintance with the cities of the world available to all inhabitants of the planet. If your list of interests includes trips to new urban-type settlements located in various parts of the world, then it is worth including some cities in the list of places from where you will definitely bring a lot of positive memories.

Rome: Journey to the Eternal City

It is not for nothing that the place is called a real repository of creative heritage. Classical works of art, architectural heritage, numerous monuments are located in different parts of the city, which makes Rome even more mysterious and attractive to guests. Many objects that are not indicated in city guides deserve no less attention than the Forum and the Colosseum, it can surprise you with how resistant they turned out to be in the face of time.


Venice: the city of art

This place is devoted to many pages in books, movies, theater productions. The city wins the hearts of guests with its mystery, grandeur and uniqueness. Every home here is a work of art. A tour of the canals of Venice, as well as a walk through the streets, gives the feeling that an artist is about to wake up in you, who will be able to capture all the beauty he has seen on canvas.


Budapest: two cities in one

The place is unique in that it is divided by a natural delimiter into Buda, which consists mainly of hills, and Pest, which is represented by flat spaces. The Chain Bridge connects two mighty banks near the Danube River. There is some kind of royal charm in the city, and the buildings are distinguished by a special richness of architectural touches.


Paris: a paradise for romantics and lovers

If you believe the surveys of the population of the Earth, it is in Paris that you want to come for the strongest emotions, for a sip of love and wonderful coffee, which they certainly drink with small desserts of local magicians of taste. It is a pleasure to be here for everyone who wants to touch the beauty, get acquainted with the museum heritage of the city, visit world-famous squares, get impressions from admiring the Eiffel Tower and pictures against its background, see the beautiful monuments of France. The city conquers with its elegance, lightness, refined approach to the arrangement and design of each building.


Prague: uniqueness in every meter

One has only to visit the Charles Bridge to understand what splendor this city has. Majestic spiers have been preserved on each of the historical monuments, keeping the secret of time and the resistance of this place to all the difficulties that Eastern Europe faced. Cobbled streets, friendly people of Prague, old-style squares – all this makes Prague a city you want to return to to get to know it better.


Bruges: a miniature town with many attractions

There are two architectural styles at once: baroque and gothic. The buildings are distinguished by the fact that to the present moment they have perfectly preserved the beauty of medieval buildings, while successfully fitting into modern moods.


Lisbon: city on the hills

This place can be described as a city of panoramic type, which offers from each of its streets a view similar to what we see on postcards. The streets are especially bright, which makes you fall in love with this place from the first visit to Lisbon. There is a mesmerizing atmosphere here, as each building has a kaleidoscope of color combinations. Lisbon resembles a beautifully woven fabric, which is why the city is so loved by artists and other creative people.


Rio de Janeiro: a meeting of mountains and the sea

One of the most popular statues of Jesus Christ on the planet was erected here. The Brazilian pearl, as Rio is often called, attracts millions of tourists. The city is a successful combination of urban technology and natural proximity, with locals recommending guests here to experience mountaineering, take a trip on a yacht or just head to the Sugarloaf (a hill with wonderful views).


Amsterdam: heritage from canals and bridges

The most complex system of canals designed a very long time ago is laid next to unique city buildings that have managed to maintain their architectural uniqueness and attractiveness.

This city is interesting for everyone who likes to explore the area, traveling by bike or on foot. The houses here resemble dollhouses, they are so miniature.


Florence: city of creative masters

It was here that the revival of great Italy began. Everyone who considers himself a true connoisseur of the art of the past millennium should definitely visit Florence. The legacy is left in museum collections, in luxurious palace buildings, on city squares and fascinating views from medieval balconies. Bridges, towers and cathedrals – located in the central part of the city.


Any of these cities has its own special charm, is distinguished by its unique beauty, allows you to cherish the most vivid emotions from getting to know both the architecture and the culture of the area.