Industry: Some Box Office and Delays

The domestic Box Office is still pretty miserable since the theaters mainly remain closed. Only a few films opened with any numbers worth reporting about. The Rental opened in 251 theaters with $420871 – $1676 per screen. Relic which opened on 7/3/20 made another $192352 in 69 screens reaching domestically $967395 and worldwide $1005925. The Wretched, in the theaters since May, now stands $767348 domestically and $2474550 globally. The release of blockbusters Mulan and Tenet has been delayed – again. Overseas the picture was a little bit brighter – homemade I’m From Today! opened in Japan with $5892004 and globally with $7359266. In France the local comedy Divorce Club opened with $1068588.


Євробачення: Історія Вогняної саги – дурна, але чесна комедія про пісенний конкурс

Комедія «Євробачення: Історія Вогняної саги» хльостко висміює все банальне і недолуге, що є в цьому пісенному конкурсі. Але разом із тим і ефектно виділяє сильні...