Samuel L. Jackson: the best films of the cult actor

Actor Samuel Leroy Jackson began acting in films over 45 years ago. Over the years, the artist has appeared in 180 tapes. In his filmography, there was a place for large-scale blockbusters (Star Wars, The Avengers), low-budget TV pictures (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) and festival hits (In My Country). From all this huge variety of films by Samuel L. Jackson, selected only those films in which he played the roles of the first or second plan, showing his skills to the maximum.

“Jungle Fever” (1991)

The tape tells about a successful African American architect Flipper, who falls in love with his Italian secretary Angie. Because of this, Philipper soon leaves his wife, and Angie breaks off relations with her boyfriend. Relatives and friends begin to hate them. Once together, a black architect and an Italian secretary try to live together, overcoming the racial prejudices of those around them.

In Jungle Fever, Jackson played a drug addict named Gator, who constantly begged his family for money for crack cocaine. This emotional role impressed the jury of the Cannes Film Festival so much that they decided to introduce a special nomination “For the best supporting role” to award this particular actor. Although neither before nor after that such a prize was given to practically no one else. It was the first prestigious award in Jackson’s career.

It was one of six films directed by Spike Lee that starred Samuel L. Jackson.

“Pulp Fiction” (1994)

The film that gave Jackson his only Oscar nomination to date. Also with this tape began a long-term collaboration of the actor with Quentin Tarantino. In total, the actor starred in six full-length films of this director.

The tape tells about two killers who go to other bandits to pick up their boss’s suitcase. In parallel, the boxer Butch wins the fight, which, according to the agreement with the gangsters, was supposed to lose. Also, a couple of thieves pass through the film, who decide to rob the cashier of the cafe. These stories are intertwined with each other in an unexpected way.

In this drama, Jackson played the charismatic hitman Jules Winnfield. Despite his criminal activities, he quotes the Bible and looks out for signs sent from above in life. Probably, it was thanks to such an unexpected combination of interests that this hero broke into quotes and became a cult.

Die Hard 3 (1995)

One of five films in which Jackson appears alongside Bruce Willis. This action movie continues the adventures of police officer John McClain. A series of explosions take place in New York City, resulting in the death of many innocent people. Responsibility for these attacks is claimed by a man who introduces himself as Simon. The offender independently contacts McClain, puts forward demands for him and offers to solve puzzles, having coped with which, it will be possible to defuse the already planted bombs.

One of the requirements that Simon put forward to McClein is that the policeman walks along the streets of Garlem, where many African Americans live, with the poster “I hate nigers.” During this assignment, McClane is rescued from a brutal massacre by a local shop clerk, Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson). In the future, Zeus helps the policeman during the entire tracking of Simon.

“Time to Kill” (1996)

This film not only demonstrated the high acting skills of Samuel L. Jackson, but also displayed his social position. The artist fought against racism from a young age and even wanted to participate in the armed struggle against the infringement of African Americans. However, he received an FBI warning, after which his mother sent him to Los Angeles, where he focused on working in films.

This anti-racist tape is about two white guys who rape a black girl. They are arrested, but soon after the court allows them to be released on bail. Samuel L. Jackson plays in the tape the father of the injured girl, who, out of desperation, takes up lynching and shoots the rapists. For this he is sentenced to death. However, a young ambitious lawyer decides to prove the innocence of this man. As a result, this case of a black man who killed two white men is gaining wide publicity.

“Jackie Brown” (1997)

This crime drama brought Jackson the most prestigious film award in his entire acting career – the “Silver Bear” of the Berlin Film Festival.

In the center of the plot of the tape is a flight attendant named Jackie Brown. She earns a part-time job helping an arms dealer (Samuel L. Jackson) move cash from Mexico to the US. One day, federal agents arrest her. Jackie is promised freedom and a large reward if she tells law enforcement officers everything about this arms dealer. And the woman faces a difficult choice.

“Jackie Brown” was one of those films in which Jackson cursed the most. As the actor noted, he not only likes to use rude expressions, but also disguises your stutter. “This problem has tormented me since childhood. I sometimes suffered for three minutes over one phrase. You must admit that a person with such problems is barred from acting! Doctors didn’t help me! “magic words” now help me to cope with it,” said Jackson.

“Red Violin” (1998)

The mystical drama tells about the violin, which was created in 1681 by the Italian master Nicolo Bussoti. Due to a tragedy in his personal life, he paints a musical instrument red and donates it to an Austrian orphanage. The violin has been played there for a hundred years, after which it is sent to Oxford, then to Shanghai, and today it ends up at an auction in Montreal. For all these years, the musical instrument has become overgrown with legends, acquires a unique sound, and therefore a real hunt for collectors begins for it.

Samuel L. Jackson in this tape played the expert Charles Morritz, who studies the history of this violin and wants to buy it. Next to the many criminal roles that the actor had a chance to play on the screen, this intelligent character in his performance stands apart.

Unbreakable (2000)

As a result of a railway accident, almost all passengers of the train die. Only one man remains alive, named David Dunn (Bruce Willis). However, there is not a single scratch on it. He is soon found by a man, Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), who is referred to as Mr. Glass. He bears such a nickname because of his extremely fragile bones. Elijah tells David that he has a superpower that allows him to avoid any harm. Together, they try to put this superpower to good use.

“Invulnerable” made me look at superhero cinema in a new way. This tape showed that people with superpowers do not have to wear spectacular costumes and live in a halo of glory, as in many other films.

On January 24, 2019, the film “Glass” will be released, in which these two characters will reappear. They will be joined by a guy named Kevin, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, to whom a separate film “Split” (2016) was dedicated.

“Formula 51” (2001)

Talented chemist Elmo McElroy creates a unique drug. The inventor decides to get out of the control of the drug lord nicknamed the Lizard and independently sell his invention in Europe. However, the police, hired killers and other criminals who want to take possession of the secret formula of the drug begin to hunt for Elmo.

In Formula 51, Samuel L. Jackson played one of the most original criminals in cinema. The chemist Elmo, in his performance, armed himself with an unexpected golf club, and chose a Scottish kilt as clothing.

“Coach Carter” (2005)

The sports drama was based on real events that took place in a school in Richmond (California) in 1999. The film is dedicated to coach Carter, who took on the school basketball team. This team did not know defeat. But one day she began to lose one game after another. The reason was that coach Carter forbade the students to train because they began to study poorly. And this chain of defeats for basketball players continued until their performance improved.

Four years after Samuel L. Jackson played a strict coach in this picture, he again took up the education of schoolchildren. True, not in the movies, but in real life. In 2009, the actor, along with his wife, created a charitable organization in support of education.

“Killer’s Bodyguard” (2017)

In this comedy, Jackson played a hitman named Darius, who sent more than 250 people to the next world. As a result, he has gained many enemies around the world. Therefore, Michael’s bodyguard was assigned to Darius. Given the nasty nature of Darius, Michael himself would like to kill this killer. However, he had to endure all the whims, oddities and eccentricities of this eccentric killer.

In many films, Jackson was assigned criminal roles. Although the actor himself almost never had problems with the law. Only once, in 1969, was he suspended from college for two years for organizing a strike. True, as a result, the demands of the strikers were taken into account, and Jackson himself returned to training and received a bachelor’s degree in drama.


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