Pizza: interesting facts about the cult dish

Few dishes have their own holiday celebrated all over the world. And pizza has such a special day, which is celebrated on February 9th. The first mention of pizza appeared more than a thousand years ago. During this time, she set many records, penetrated into all areas of our lives and even went beyond the boundaries of our planet (yes, that was in 2001).

We have selected interesting facts about this cult dish

  • About 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the US.
  • The most expensive pizza costs 8.3 thousand euros. It is prepared in Italy with shrimp, lobster and lobster meat, three types of caviar and buffalo mozzarella (made from black buffalo milk), and seasoned with elite cognac.
  • The first thing in history that was bought with Bitcoin was a pizza. In 2010, it was worth 10 thousand bitcoins, which then amounted to up to $50 (today it is $337,400,000).
  • The longest pizza delivery stretched for more than 11 thousand km. The order has been successfully completed.

  • The heaviest pizza in the world weighed more than 23.2 tons and reached a length of 40 meters.
  • The longest pizza was baked in Pesaro, Italy in 2005. Its length was 240 meters.
  • Because of the love of office workers for pizza, 7 million documents are spoiled every year, soiled with toppings and sauce.
  • One day, singer Lady Gaga ordered pizzas worth a thousand dollars for her listeners who were in line for her concert.
  • 78% of people around the world consider pizza to be their favorite dish.


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