Nicole Kidman: The best films of an outstanding actress

Without a doubt, the skin of us at least once in life stuck with the work of the great actress Nicole Kidman. Vaughn became the Volodarka of the faceless prizes for her goofy voice. Nicole Kidman was awarded an Oscar in 2003 for the best female role in the film “Years”. Vaughn May 4 Golden Globe Awards, a number of different nominations and awards. Let’s talk about those, how Nicole Kidman could achieve success and build a career, even if the actress became a butt for rich of us.

Nicole Kidman was born in the USA in 1967. For 10 years, the actress started her acting career, entered the school of dramatic art. After all, she won at the youth theater, and at 14 years she made her debut on television. For all her work, the actress has starred in close to hundreds of films, like they were successful in the distance, those who don’t know in the distance, make them fail on their own.

The creativity of Nicole Kidman, as if it were another bohemian specialty, is always criticized. Thoughts are inspired by the talent of the actress. Who cares about the capture in the form of її ovnіshnosti and that gri, and who cares about the middle, which is pushed through by the producers. Well, how many people, how many thoughts. In this article, we can look at films, in which Nicole Kidman played wonderfully, showed all her talent, brought that the nomination of that award won deservedly.

Henceforth, we add up the rating of the best films, not just for the participation of Nicole Kidman, but for the film projects themselves, in which they fit perfectly into their role.

Cold mountain

This film has a strong actor’s warehouse. Crim Nicole Kidman, the new one took the fate of Jude Law, a kind of nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for a human role, Natalia Portman. Renee Zellweger also starred here, as she won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for this film. They also showed goodness to themselves and a lot of other famous actors. Nicole Kidman, a co-star of the film, was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her lead role. The role of Nicole Kidman in “Cold Mountain” was the priest’s daughter, with which she ran 100%. Chantly you, who marveled at this film, appreciating how sensitive and unbanal the actress was.

To Die for

In this film, Nicole Kidman stood in front of a peephole in a completely new role. On the previous her popular roles, there she plays not sexual pussy and beautiful woman, like tse bulo in front of cym. Here she stands in the role of a hyperactive, maniacal and goal-directed intriguer, like, no matter what, trying to reach success in a small place. Nicole Kidman won the Golden Globe for her role.

Moulin rouge

Spirnu voiced otrimav tsey film, and tochnіshe gra Nicole Kidman. For her role in this film, the sexy actress was nominated for an Oscar. The thoughts of the critics were divided. Having said that the nomination was more for the merit of the fates of the grey on the screen, it was better that the nomination was not for the “disguise”. Prote really from the middle of the film and to the end of the film, the real acting talent of the actress, її emotions. Vaughn keeps looking at the pressure until the end. Varto appreciates the fact that the vocal parts in the film beat Kidman independently.


The film has become practically unremarkable by the lack of critics. However, the project itself is a good one. First of all, a new choice of miracle actors. Crim Nicole Kidman, here is Colin Firth and Jude Law. This is a story about a talented writer and yogo editor, how to lead a long line of activity. The process involves various internal conflicts, welding, reconciliation. Nicole Kidman plays the role of a writer’s squad, as a constant encouragement. The woman helps him to cope with the internal crisis, his role is dramatic, but at the same time it is wonderful.

Rrabbit hole

Dramatic story of a family bet, yak lost her little child in an accident. The couple tries to fix the pain in strong ways, in the form of group sessions in psychotherapy, and then they themselves fix the way, how to fix the load and the pain. Nicole Kidman pretended to be the main heroine of the film, matir, heartbroken. Marveling at the її thunder, you can see all the drama of the situation. The role of the actor has gone all the way.

Killing a sacred deer

Anyone who knows the work of Yorgos Lanthimos knows that this director makes more than just fine films. I’ll reconsider for an hour and see if you don’t become neutral. You know a great range of emotions: suffocation, turmoil, joy, handlessness, skinny handlessness. Driving in a sacred deer will not become a vinnyatka. The film shows its peeping on emotions until the final credits. Starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. A story about a family couple, for example, for the low furnishing, they will change their lives radically. The film is hard to finish. You can’t marvel at the skin, but don’t shy away at irrelevant yoga. Serious psychological themes start here. Richly, having identified the sexual scene of this film, Nicole Kidman was completely naked in the yakіy.


Even the same unimpressive cicavi film, which is seen nibito on the theatrical podiums, there are no essentially the same scenery, there are no more painted, like modest booths, thinly. Everything is insured for those who have all the respect that can be tied up to the black actors, and bare their whole soul in front of the peeping eyes, and at times wind up the body. Nicole Kidman is here playing the role of a maiden, like a vagrant father to a remote village, if you want to start all over again. Here for her and rozpochinayutsya the right sample. Nicole Kidman slid into the roll in a dazzling manner. You can posterize a different range of emotions and experiences, like you can convey to the watchers.


This film was brought by Nicole Kidman to the Oscar and the Golden Globe. Actor writing writer Virginia Woolf. On the screen її it is easy to recognize from the first glance, the shards of the naked transformation and the role of the actor on the most equal level. Varto indicate that such famous actresses played in this film, such as Ed Harris, Julianne Moore, navit Meril Streep. The film has been nominated 9 times for the “Oscar” award. It is necessary to pay more, the prize was obtained only by Kidman.

Summarizing the above is written, you can add visnovok, that Nicole Kidman is a great talented actress, but, unfortunately, it’s a pity that not all roles are suitable for her, if it’s not scary, it’s not scary to brighten up the talent of the actress, whether it’s not enough. Vaughn worked hard in order to become a successful actress, moreover, a worldly equal. Nicole Kidman is the butt of inheritance for rich people who want to star in the cinema. Tsya talanovite woman cannot but cry out for a hoard. Її engagement and purposefulness can only be congratulated.