New Netflix series and films – 2022: list of popular films

In the world of cinema, films on the Netflix platform are always popular and most in demand. Which Netflix films have already attracted and will continue to attract the attention of viewers in 2022?

The series and films from Netflix that have already been released in different countries around the world have managed to captivate us not only with their quality, but also with interesting plot ideas, talented acting, and excellent dynamics.

Horror as a special category of films from the Netflix platform

Which paintings should you choose if you are a connoisseur of projects that evoke the strongest emotions and worries about the fate of the main characters?

The painting “Mom” is made in Japanese style. The plot begins with the death of an old woman, whose ashes were later delivered by one of her blood relatives. The daughter did not expect that this package would lead to terrible changes in her life. The heroine is driven crazy and frightened by the ghost of her dead mother. This happens against the will of the ghost himself, who tries to resist his nature.

The film “Deadly Choice” will tell about the fate of British students. The desire to finally get out of the financial hole forces the main characters of this horror story to become participants in a strange game from the eighties. The project is full of mysteries and deadly challenges, which can only be overcome through a real battle for existence.

The Morbius Project is another new film in the horror genre. The main character Michael Morbius suffers from a rare disease. The guy is trying to find a way to get better. And only the experiment with bats gives the character real relief. Only the cessation of the disease is replaced by another problem – Michael becomes a real monster.

Action films, detective stories and thrillers: there are more and more of them on the Netflix platform

Netflix films in the detective, action and thriller genres that have already appeared on the big screen will definitely add to the collection of your favorite new films this year.

The Missing Girl project will introduce film fans to Will and his wife. They had the opportunity to spend several years of their lives together. And the couple had a pretty good relationship. But the love is over, the time has come for the official end of the family relationship. But it was during this period that fate sent a test for this couple. The woman suddenly disappears. This is how the biggest difficulties in his life begin for Will.

The film “Clone” will make viewers look at the issue of possible human cloning in a new way. According to the plot of the film, in the future, people have the opportunity to create doubles if a person understands that his days are numbered. Only now the created clone can begin to download its rights, after which the real person will have a mortal battle with the double. Sarah studies martial arts to reserve the right to be her mother’s favorite daughter and her boyfriend’s girlfriend.

The film “Flashback” is a story about a hired killer who cannot bring one of his orders to its logical conclusion. The reason is the age of the object that the professional killer must eliminate. Alex is unable to kill a girl who has just turned thirteen. He becomes her reliable protector, contrary to his mission.

Netflix has already presented these new products to viewers and they have managed to win their hearts, but those films that are about to be released will be no less bright and exciting.

Netflix movies coming out in 2022
“The Gray Man”;
“Day shift”;
New Netflix series 2022

If you have a lot of free time, it’s worth spending it on Netflix series 2022, which you can get acquainted with without restrictions on the number of views of each episode. The most interesting Netflix series are presented in the categories: “drama”, “detective”, “fantasy”, “comedy”.

They are already available for viewing, so you should hurry up and get acquainted with such pictures as:

detective story with a touch of Ozark drama. A positive character does not know how to earn a living. Poverty leads him to the mafia. Marty Bird will launder money for someone who runs a drug cartel. The hero of the story is forced to put his family at risk;

“Night Sky” is a fantasy series that reveals to us the fate of two elderly heroes. Irene and Franklin have been living together for many years. Once upon a time in their youth, these people discovered a strange room in the backyard of their property. Behind the door was something that would radically change the fate of the two lovers;

“Welcome to Eden” has all the hallmarks of a classic thriller. At the center of the plot are Zoa and her four friends. These girls will participate in a strange experiment, which they have no idea about yet.

It’s best to watch these and other popular Netflix series when you have enough free time so as not to miss a single important detail of the film project. For example, you can watch films that will be released in the summer, during vacation or holidays.


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