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Последний наемник

Netflix, the world’s leader among online cinemas, is actively developing content production throughout Europe, but until recently Ukraine remained an unknown territory for it.

The international film company Apple Tree (one of the founders of which is Star Media) was able to reach an agreement with the online cinema Netflix – shooting of the first international project for streaming began in Ukraine – the feature film The Last Mercenary. For the domestic market, this is the first experience of cooperation with the largest streaming service.

The film is produced by Apple Tree founders Vlad Ryashin, Jean-Charles Levy and Olias Barco, and the main role will be played by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

“What the entire Ukrainian film and television industry could only dream of a year ago has now become a reality. The Apple Tree film company, together with the Netflix online cinema, have launched the production of the international project “The Last Mercenary”. It’s an exciting mix of action and family comedy genres that are popular with viewers today, ”says Apple Tree co-founder and producer Vlad Ryashin.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to bring Netflix to Ukraine for the first time, a company that is the world leader in the streaming segment. I am sure that this experience of cooperation with Ukraine will be positive and will lay the foundation for a long and mutually beneficial relationship, “- comments the co-founder of Apple Tree Jean-Charles Levy.

“After a rather long stay in Ukraine, we are very pleased that our new company Apple Tree will debut this fun and exciting film. We’re shooting in French, but Netflix will target a global audience, ”says Olias Barco, co-founder of Apple Tree.

The Last Mercenary is an incredibly exciting project that allows me to immerse myself in a new genre. I have always been a fan of Jean-Paul Belmondo and I hope to take over from him the baton of leading roles in action comedy films – naturally, in my style. David Sharon’s script very successfully combines all these elements – a beautiful romantic story, a lot of action and a lot of humor, says Jean-Claude Van Damme. Also, I am very happy to work not only with the talents of the new generation, such as Alban Ivanov, Assa Cilla and Samir Decazza, but also to meet again on the screen with the best of the best French actors, such as Patrick Timsit, Eric Judor ( Eric Judor), Miu-Miu and Valerie Kapriski.”

Gael Marescchi, Creative Manager, Netflix France: “We are delighted to welcome action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme in tandem with the adamant Alban Ivanov and surrounded by a constellation of great French actors, and all of them in an unusually funny and original project. inspired and organized by David Sharon.”

Thierry Arbogast himself was invited to the role of the cameraman, who for many years has been the personal cameraman of the filmmaker Luc Besson. His filmography includes such movie hits as “Leon”, “5th Element”, “Jeanne d’Arc” and others. Thierry is a multiple winner of the “Cesar” award for the best camera work.

The film “The Last Mercenary” is filmed mainly in Kiev, and part of the filming will take place in Paris. The film will be distributed worldwide by Netflix.


Genre: Comedy Action
Running time: 90 minutes
Director: David Charhon
Director of photography: Thierry Arbogast
Original Screenplay: David Charhon
Producers from Apple Tree Film Company: Vlad Ryashin, Jean-Charles Levy and Olias Barco
Apple Tree International Projects Producer: Rita Grebenchikova
Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla, Samir Decazza, Patrick Timsit, Eric Judor and Miou-Miou


Newly appointed chief of staff, Alexander Lazar, decides to conduct a financial audit and discovers a strange cash payment in the name of one Archibald Al-Mahmoud, made by the French state since 1992. Having terminated them with one stroke of the pen, the military official does not suspect what fatal and irreversible consequences the violation of the secret monetary obligations of the French government towards 25-year-old Archibald will lead to.