Лучшие комедии 2020
Мисс плохое поведение

A quality comedy with a well-chosen cast is a great way to unwind after a busy day and get away from all the problems. Amusing moments, an interesting storyline and incredible graphics – combining this with delicious food and pleasant company, you will get a great evening and excellent mood.

Glamorous business

The novelty is about two girls who are best friends. Mia and Mel do not deny themselves anything. They live life for their own pleasure. They have their own business, which is aimed at selling cosmetic products. They worked hard and built it from scratch. However, the good times are over, and now their company is mired in debt. The business wants to buy out a very cunning person. The girls have disagreements on this score. How events will develop further, you will learn in the course of the development of the plot of the motion picture.

American cucumber

A non-standard story tells of a Jew who, fleeing poverty and devastation, moves with his wife to the United States of America. Arriving at the place, he gets a rather demanded job. The factory is engaged in the production of canned cucumbers. Once the main character was unlucky, he fell into a cucumber pickle. He woke up only a hundred years later in the territory of modern New York. Unfortunately, he has only one living relative, who is the great-grandson of the main character. The great-grandson has a problem: he cannot realize himself in the work of a programmer, he is very worried about the loss of his parents.

Agent Leo

The plot of the film revolves around an experienced psychiatrist who has worked with different patients during his practice. Once again, he encounters a very interesting person who is convinced that in fact he is working as an undercover spy. He even has a very peculiar nickname – Agent Leo. The doctor is very ambiguous about this information, but further events are not developing in the best way. A psychiatrist’s wife is kidnapped. He can think of nothing better than to seek help from a special agent.

Eurovision: The Story of a Fire Saga

The film has an excellent cast and an interesting plot, based on the world’s most popular music competition. Talents from all over the world want to take part in it. One Icelandic duo has a main dream – to break into people and take part in Eurovision. The problem is not a lack of talent or the duo’s weak potential. Unfortunately, the couple are not recognized in their home country, which does not allow them to move in the intended direction. By coincidence, they still have a chance to fulfill their cherished dream.


The action of the picture developed in the 19th century. A young, beautiful and educated girl named Emma excels at everything. She is sure that she is well versed in people, literally reads them like an open book. At one time, the girl made a decision for herself that she would never marry, because she did not want to leave her own father alone. When a girlfriend of a girl with whom she shared her home moves out to her new husband, Emma is looking for a new companion. The girl-concubine is also not a miss. She is trying with all sorts of methods to arrange her personal life for a new friend and will stop at nothing.

Palm Springs

One of the November days near Palm Springs, active preparations are underway for the upcoming wedding celebration. One peculiar guy named Niles acts as a bridesmaid. He is in no hurry to put on a festive tuxedo. It gives him a special pleasure to swim in the pool and drink his favorite alcoholic drinks. In the evening, he makes a very touching speech for the newlyweds, which is very catchy for the elder sister of the bride.

Bad boys forever

The plot of “Bad Boys” tells the story of two partners who had a violent fight while serving in the police. The main character decided to quit his job and devote himself to private orders to solve crimes. The former partner, meanwhile, is going through hard times in his life. He has a midlife crisis that pushes him to think about getting married, and a new work partner is insanely annoying and angry. The accomplices have to unite their forces again, because a very dangerous person has opened the hunt for them, who longs for revenge and punishment for the death of his brother.

Birds of Prey: The Fantastic Story of Harley Quinn

This story is about the confrontation of famous superheroes. A group of superhero girls is trying in every possible way to resist one representative of the underworld, on whose account there are many atrocities. They will do everything in their power, use all their might to deal with the famous criminal once and for all. A good cast, familiar characters, unexpected twists, and eye-popping graphics all come together for a great evening.

Miss Bad Behavior

The events of the film develop in the seventies in the territory of modern England. At this time, the country was experiencing a real sexual revolution, and residents were looking for new ways of self-expression. The London catwalk just explodes from a huge number of models in revealing swimsuits, an atmosphere of luxury and money reigns around. During the next fashion show, a crowd of disgruntled girls rushes into the hall, pursuing their goals that are not clear to everyone.


The elf brothers quietly and peacefully live in a magical land, whose inhabitants are a variety of unusual creatures. The world of wizardry gradually began to adapt to modern realities. Now most of the inhabitants do not use their magical abilities, but enjoy the benefits of civilization. They use cars for movement, use the services of airlines. Nothing reminds of the magic of a small country anymore. However, a sudden find changes the order of things. The brothers set out in search of ancient magic to return the world to which they are accustomed.