The best melodramas: 10 films about love

Sometimes we all need a little love. Real, somewhat sad, often painful, without miracles, but sincere. One that can give wings and sink to the bottom at the same time. The films below are about exactly this feeling. And about people who learn to live with this feeling.

Isabel met her husband Tom during the First World War. And only after its completion the lovers were able to start a family. They built a house on the island where Tom worked at the lighthouse.

Soon the couple had to go through grief; they had a stillborn child. Isabelle withdrew into herself, completely disappointed. But life gave her a chance to feel like a mother when a boat with the lifeless body of a man and a little girl moored to the island.

The film tells about the events that took place in the Kingdom of Denmark in the mid-18th century. The young Queen Caroline-Matilda hates her mentally ill husband, Christian VII. He prefers to spend time with prostitutes rather than with his beloved wife.

But the appearance of the German doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee in the king’s retinue makes serious adjustments to the life of Caroline, who falls in love with the handsome doctor.

My King (2015)

Once upon a time, Tony and Giorgio fell under the influence of a lightning desire. They were passionately in love, however, as it turned out, feelings alone were not enough to live a year together. Tony is currently undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation center after a knee injury.

For many years she has tried to get rid of the harmful influence of her lover, who is destroying her soul. A woman begins a long and difficult process of rehabilitation, both physical and mental, which will allow her to learn to live without fear.

Midnight in Paris (2012)

Writer and hopeless romantic Gil is convinced he should have lived in the 1920s. Together with his bride Ines, he comes to Paris to visit the places where his idols lived and worked in the coveted era.

But one day he really finds himself in the past. Meeting there with Hemingway, Picasso, the Fitzgerald couple, and Gertrude Stein, he understands that he belongs to this time and wants to stay there forever.

Passengers (2016)

The starship carries passengers to a distant planet on which a human colony already exists. As the journey takes several long decades, the passengers are plunged into hypersleep. But an unexpected malfunction occurs in the equipment, due to which one of the future colonists wakes up.

James realizes that there are still 90 years until the end of the flight, and he will not be able to fall asleep again. Realizing that he is facing old age in complete solitude, the man makes a desperate decision and wakes up one of the most attractive passengers.

La La Land (2016)

The film tells the story of jazz pianist Sebastian, who falls in love with young actress Mia in Los Angeles. The girl works as a waiter in a cafe, attends many castings, but she has not yet managed to get the desired role.

Sebastian dreams of opening his own jazz club, where he will perform his favorite works. At first sight, feelings flare up between the young people, which give them faith in their abilities.

The film is about the events of the 1930s that took place in Korea during the occupation. A new maid is hired to work for a wealthy Japanese woman who leads a secluded life in a large country house. A quiet and meek-looking girl of pleasant appearance.

But in reality she is a thief who works in tandem with a conman posing as an aristocrat. The plan is carefully thought out, and at first events go as well as possible – but only until the maid begins to understand her mistress better.

Two days (2011)

A high-ranking official from moscow, Pyotr Drozdov, at the request of the regional governor, comes to the provincial museum of a half-forgotten classic of russian literature. He must take away the museum’s land holdings and build a new residence on them.

But meeting the literary critic Masha changes Peter’s plans, not only for the museum problem, but also for his whole life.

Populaire (2012)

The film tells a story that took place in France in the late 50s of the last century. Rosa lives in the province with her father. She is engaged to the most profitable groom in their town, and it would seem that she is destined to lead the quiet, calm life of a housewife. However, everything changes when she meets handsome Louis.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Walter Mitty is an employee of the photo service of Life magazine. The hero’s work has not brought him pleasure for a long time. From time to time he is distracted from reality and carried away into his dreams. In them he appears to others at his best. In his dreams, Walter sees himself as a real astronaut, a legendary traveler and simply a favorite of beautiful women.

The magazine is facing reorganization and layoffs. Therefore, everyone is trying to retain their position. Walter is also on the verge of being fired. He has to go through a long journey to continue working in the magazine and head Win the heart of new employee Cheryl.