The best time travel movies

Who among us has not dreamed of learning how to travel through time? Thanks to the change of clocks to winter and summer time, we have something like this opportunity twice a year. We can also watch films about time travel and feel like intertemporal travelers.

Quartier lointain

Thomas is 50 years old. He has achieved success in life. He has a prestigious job, a good bank account, a loving wife and children. And the future is very gray and monotonous. Somehow, by mistake, Thomas boards another train and ends up in the city where he spent his childhood.

It was there that the tragedy that took the life of the boy’s mother forty years ago occurred. Miraculously, Thomas returns to his body at the age of fourteen. He meets again those whom he knew many years ago. Your friends, your first love, your father, sister and faithful dog. It is these unexpected plot twists that make watching a travel movie very interesting.

Black Knight

It was an ordinary sunny summer day. Jamal, as always, was cleaning the moat in the city amusement park called “Medieval World”. Quite by accident, Jamal turned over the railing of a bridge, fell into the water and emerged in Medieval England. At the beginning, he was mistaken for an ambassador from Normandy due to his strange clothes and conversation.

Then he met a charming conspirator who dreams of overthrowing the local tyrant king. Jamal, caught up in a conspiracy, dreams of opening a chain of fast food restaurants. He seduced the daughter of the king himself and scared all the townspeople to death with his “witchcraft” abilities.


Events take place in the middle of the 21st century. The main character is a guy named Joe, a kind of “liquidator” who kills people who are sent 30 years into the past from a time controlled by organized crime groups. One day he is faced with an order for his aged self and the killer is not going to fulfill it. Both versions of Joe escape and try to change their future.

Midnight in Paris

Writer and hopeless romantic Gil is convinced he should have lived in the 1920s. Together with his bride Ines, he comes to Paris to visit the places where his idols lived and worked in the coveted era.

One day he actually finds himself in the past. Meeting there with Hemingway, Picasso, the Fitzgeralds and Gertrude Stein. The main character understands that he belongs to this time and wants to stay there forever. The film has all the best features of Allen’s films: subtle parody, irony and an exquisite aftertaste. Watching a movie about travel this way is a pleasure.

About time

According to the story, at twenty-one, Tom learns a great secret from his father. All the men in their family have the gift of time travel.

A shy and inexperienced man in matters of the heart needs such a gift, because now any mistake in the development of a romantic relationship can be instantly “corrected.” However, some moments in life can only be experienced once. It is for the sake of such conclusions that it is worth watching films about travel.


The Time Patrol is a government organization created after the invention of the time machine to prevent past crimes. An experienced patrol agent has carried out many successful operations, but all his attempts to stop a terrorist who is causing a series of explosions around the world end in failure.

When his limit of safe movement reaches the end, the agent is sent on one last mission. He must recruit a man with a bizarre physiology and biography, who has two names – Jane and John, to serve on the patrol.

Kate and Leopold

Leo is an incredibly attractive young duke, an aristocrat, a man of his word, honor, a real man with a capital M. Kate is young, beautiful, emotional, lonely, works at an advertising agency, lives next door to a former friend who is researching time travel. The trouble is that they live in different times. But thanks to this very former friend, these two meet and soon realize that life is meaningless and impossible without each other.

The stronghold

The film tells the story of a modern schoolboy Vitka, who through a mysterious time portal finds himself in the past – a thousand years ago. On the lands of Kievan Rus, Vitka meets legendary warriors: young Oleshko, powerful Ilya and strict Dobrynya.

He learns that a terrible danger is approaching Rus’. To return home, the guy will have to go out to fight the Polovtsian evil spirits, overcome his own fears and show real courage. It seems that Vitka will have no time left to watch films about travel. But he will be able to teach the legendary heroes modern slang.

Edge of Tomorrow

The film is based on the popular graphic novel called “All it takes is killing.” The plot centers on a soldier who fights an army of aliens. He finds himself in a time loop that closed on the last day of the battle. With each new revolution he gains new experience.

Source Code

Captain Colter Stevens finds himself on the train, in the body of another person – a guy named Sean Fentress. However, before he realizes what is happening, a bomb planted on the train destroys him.

Stephen comes to his senses inside a capsule, where a woman in military uniform addresses him using a computer. Her name is Colleen Goodwin. She reveals that Colter is inside the Source Code program, with the help of which he is infused into a person’s body in the last eight minutes of his life.

Stevens is repeatedly transferred into the body of another person, again and again he is forced to experience someone else’s death. And this will be repeated until he determines who planted the bomb and where.