Любовь без обязательств
Любовь без обязательств

The comedy ” Sleeping With Other People” tells about a man and a woman who, in their student years, turned out to be the first sexual partners for each other. This episode left an indelible impression in their lives and established a psychological barrier that greatly influenced the sexual relations of each of them in the future.

20 years have passed. He became a womanizer who changed girls almost every week. And to part with one girl, he just had to go to bed with another. However, the alpha male’s success did not make him happy. On the contrary, the constant changes of partners made him start worrying about his life. He ended up at a meeting of sex addicted people.

It was there that he met his old girlfriend, with whom he lost his virginity. She is also trying to solve a similar problem. This girl prefers not to change partners, but to have sex with one partner, but as often as possible. They decide to meet to share their intimate problems, as a result of which our heroine comes to the conclusion that they will have to be together for some time, while remaining just friends.

Director: Leslie Hadland

Written by: Leslie Hadland

Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, Jason Mantsukas, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, Andrea Savage, Mark Blukas