At the beginning of November 2022, a new season of the already legendary series The Crown was released on world screens. It tells about the years of the reign of the British Queen Elizabeth II. The special attention of the audience is riveted to this season, because it was released after the death of the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip. The creators of the show have made it clear that they do not intend to shoot a sequel, which causes even more interest among viewers and critics.

The Crown season 5 trailer


The main cast in the new season has changed once again. Queen Elizabeth was played by Imelda Staunton. She replaced actresses Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, who played the role in previous seasons. In the new episodes, we will again be able to see Clay Foy as young Lilibet in the form of flashbacks and footage from the first seasons.

Prince Philip was played by Jonathan Pryce, the image of Prince Charles was embodied by Dominic West. It is to the history of the unsuccessful marriage of the eldest son of the Queen and Princess Diana that attention is riveted in the new season. It also reveals the theme of the relationship between Prince Philip and Camilla Parker Bowles, which lasted for several decades. Elizabeth Debicki reprises her role as Diana and reprized her brilliant performance last season, earning her a fair share of praise from the world’s top film critics.


The plot focuses on the reign of the queen, her relationship with her family. This season covers the period 1991-1997. According to all members of the royal family, these were difficult years for the British monarchy. During this time, three children of Queen Elizabeth II went through divorce proceedings, which could not but affect the position of the monarchy.

The directors and screenwriters paid special attention to the topic of the divorce of Charles and Diana, their relationship before the official break and after, the public’s reaction to everything that happens.

A separate storyline shows the next change of power in the UK, the arrival of the Laborites led by Tony Blair, who also had a huge impact on the political position of Britain in the world in the mid-90s.

This season, like all the previous ones, was released on the Netflix platform in its entirety, so viewers who are interested in history, relationships within the royal family can already enjoy watching. This series cannot be called 100% biographical, its creators have repeatedly focused their attention on this, but it is interesting to viewers who love non-trivial cinema that prompts reflections and gives impetus to get acquainted with world history.