Мэтт Деймон

The filmography of the charismatic Matt Damon surprises no less than the path to fame of this actor. Behind Matt, who turned 52 on October 8, there are dozens of roles, each of which is different from the previous ones and turns the opinion about the actor 180 degrees. Nevertheless, no matter what character Damon plays, viewers and critics always appreciate the talent and diligence of the actor, which is probably why Matt is very popular in the film industry.

In our selection of Matt Damon’s best performances, we will not look at the ratings of the film or the recognition of the movie, and we will not express a subjective opinion about the actions or character of the character played by the actor. Even in the smallest and not too well-known films, you can play brilliantly and become the star of the episode. And in order to become a damn evil antagonist and evoke negative emotions in the viewer, you need to work no less than when transforming into a kind simpleton. The selection will include only films in which the actor showed himself in all its glory.


A small comedy scene in which Matt Damon skillfully reincarnated as a bright and charismatic boy who found out about the betrayal during his performance. The actor managed to fit in a few minutes of being in the frame all the attributes of a real punk star. And deafeningly emotional screams from a shaved bald young man, whose tongue seems to no longer fit in the oral cavity, cause laughter and admiration for the actor’s reincarnation po-klassn-m-romanam/”>romantic Damon.

True Grit

Matt Damon in the role of a cheerful and energetic supporting character in the film True Grit really liked the audience. The actor’s character is a Texas Ranger who helps a federal marshal in the capture of a robber who killed a teenage girl. An open, simple and honest character defuses tense moments, causes laughter, and many men, when watching the film, even found a part of themselves in the hero.

Ocean’s Thirteen

In the famous comedy trilogy about the adventures of swindlers, Matt Damon played Linus Caldwell, a guy who can be called “eternal bad luck.” Among his friends, thieves, it was he who most often fell for scams from friends, colleagues and parents. This is another role of Damon, in which the character of the film distinguished himself with ease, kindness and comedy. Attractive and cheerful Caldwell performed by Damon cannot be looked at without charm and a smile. He was accompanied on the set by Brad Pitt.

The Rainmaker

One of Matt’s first roles is as an inexperienced lawyer who fights for his client’s life with a huge insurance company. This role is engaging and even motivating. Damon’s hero, an enthusiastic and conscientious person who is faced with the dirty world of courts and money, becomes a ray of sunshine throughout the film, opening his eyes to the selfish arbiters of destinies who, along with money, count other people’s lives.

Matt Damon movies


Even if you don’t look in the direction of Matt Damon’s character (however, it’s completely impossible to do this), then the satire film itself, with a lot of reflections on religious dogma and society, evokes a hundred emotions and keeps you in suspense until the last seconds. Matt’s character is a fallen angel who decides to question the nuns’ religious beliefs and play a joke on the system. The charismatic hero, paired with his colleague played by Ben Affleck, decides to “cleanse the world” from violators of Christian morality.


Dramatic film about the fate of Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa, who decides to reunite the population of the state with the help of joint emotional experiences, which were supposed to bring the matches of the national rugby team of the republic. Damon plays the captain of the team in the film, who inspired the members of the national team in the past. Now it’s not Matt’s character, Francois Pienaar, who motivates through the screens, but the actor himself, who received an Oscar nomination for his role.

Saving Private Ryan

The iconic Steven Spielberg World War II film in which Matt Damon’s character must was to find himself and start life after his two brothers died, and the private himself does not realize the importance and reason for such a big operation aimed at saving him. How will the hero, after the end of the war, justify all the efforts of the soldiers, thanks to which he survived?

The Informant!

To play the role in the film, Matt Damon had to work hard – the desire to play in the film cost the actor 12 extra pounds. But such sacrifices were more than justified. Matt did an excellent job of impersonating Mark Whitaker, an employee of a large agro-industrial company, collecting incriminating evidence on the firm and confirming dishonest prices.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

In The Talented Mr. Ripley, Matt managed to convey the story of the formation of a self-confident swindler, who a couple of years ago only shyly looked at other people’s wallets. Damon’s character always knew that he could achieve heights in his career, but before a casual acquaintance he did not even think that he could get everything he wanted, not only with the help of honest work.

The Departed

The legendary duet of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in the film “The Departed” in the 2000s conquered all and made no less delight on film critics. Matt’s character is a nimble, funny and charismatic cop who got a place in the academy even before entering it. DiCaprio played a member of the mafia that recruited Damon’s hero, Colin Sullivan. Both spy know that someone is operating in the gang, because of which the number corpses in the city increases rapidly and decisively.

Good Will Hunting

The script of the film, written jointly by Damon and Ben Affleck, who has known Matt since childhood, was awarded a gold Oscar statuette. However, the acting in the film is not inferior to the plot of the film about close relationships, strong friendship, growing up. The story touched upon in the film even resembles the relationship between two brilliant actors.
Damon’s character, Will Hunting, can handle any amount of information. The young man is considered at the university as a genius, but it’s not a secret that he constantly gets into trouble and hooligans. To prevent Will’s mathematical talent from being broken by the police, the guy has to visit psychologist. Only here at the sessions, Hunting is more and more immersed in internal problems that cause uncertainty in his abilities and a sea of \u200b\u200bexperiences …