How to choose tea?

Do you want to enjoy delicious and healthy tea? Then you are at the right place! We will teach you how to choose this amazing drink correctly. Its history begins many years ago; it is difficult to say exactly when tea was first invented, but only 300 years ago it was already actively consumed in northeast India and southwest China. This drink is considered the most ancient, followed by soda, and only then the well-known coffee. Almost everyone on earth drinks tea; according to some estimates, about two billion cups are drunk around the world every year, and this is not at all surprising!

Good and high-quality tea will never lose its popularity. Statistics indicate the opposite; the number of fans is only growing and increasing every year. There are as many as 7 groups of tea and more than 900 individual varieties! The abundance is amazing, and of course it is understandable that it is easy to get lost in such diversity. However, in this article we will help you choose high-quality, tasty and healthy tea, and give some simple recommendations on what you should pay attention to.

Criteria for choosing good tea

During the cold season, you really want to warm up with a warm aromatic drink, or, on the contrary, it’s nice to cool down on a hot summer day in combination with ice cubes. Be that as it may, if for the first time you want to buy delicious tea for yourself or as a gift to dear loved ones, then we offer a few simple tips that will definitely be useful to you.

Tip 1: it’s better to choose a leaf version of the drink

Leaf tea, along with granulated tea, has a number of its own special advantages. For example, tea leaves contain a large amount of essential oils and this is clearly felt when brewing the infusion. By trying this type of tea, you will be able to fully enjoy the entire flavor bouquet. How to determine the quality of tea using this criterion? A couple of life hacks from experienced tea drinkers:

If possible, pick up the leaves and smell them. There should be no foreign odors such as mold, dust or iron aroma.
Also, taking a leaf, wipe it between your fingers; it should not crumble or crumble into small particles. This factor indicates that it was either overdried or dried again, which is why it dried out.
In appearance, they should be approximately the same, neat in shape, without obvious defects and the addition of roots.
Interestingly, the curl of the leaf indicates the strength of the drink and the intensity of the smell.

And the most important thing is the color of the leaves; there is only one correct option – black. Yes, there are other shades of gray, brown and others, but if you want to taste a real elite drink, then it should be black.

With green tea it is a little easier; all shades of green are considered a good and high-quality product. But if you notice white leaves in a pack of green tea, then this is a gross violation of production technology. This means that unscrupulous producers mixed harvests from different years, which is prohibited in tea production.

Tip 2: Choose a drink without additives

For the first acquaintance with the product, choose tea without additives or flavorings. This way you can best experience the real, natural taste. Also, sometimes some brands try to disguise low-quality raw materials with various aromatic additives, even natural ones.

Tip 3: pay attention to the type of tea you brew

The brewing process is an amazing spectacle that you can enjoy for hours – the leaves gradually unfurl and the drink takes on a beautiful amber color. At the same time, no roots or other debris should appear during brewing. The aroma fills the entire space, the smell is natural and rich. The green type of the drink has herbal notes, but the black one may have a slightly sweetish tint.

And the most important thing is the taste of the finished drink, which you personally should like. The product should have a pleasant, refreshing shade. Of course, it all depends on the variety you choose, but the taste should be perfect without bitterness or moldy taste.

Classic types of tea

The main types include the following varieties:

Black. The most popular species among Europeans. The Chinese gave it the name “red”, due to the color of the tea leaves. This type of product is prepared by strongly oxidizing the leaves, resulting in a tart and rich flavor. If you are a fan of black tea, we recommend trying Darjeeling and Dian Hong.
Green. This type is preferred by residents of Asian countries. The leaves undergo the lowest possible level of fermentation, while fully maintaining high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The infusion itself has a beautiful golden hue with a pleasant herbal aroma. To get acquainted with this species, we suggest Xihu Longjing, Jasmine Pearls or Sencha.
White. The composition includes not just leaves, but also buds of the tea tree. When properly prepared, trace elements, tannins and essential oils are preserved. Also, consuming it moderately normalizes blood pressure and significantly improves cardiovascular function.

th system, as well as in addition an antimicrobial effect. That is why this type of product is so popular among the Chinese, who consider it not just useful, but also healing. Popular ones are: Shou Mei, Bai Mudan and Silver Needles.
Yellow. A very rare species, the original of which can only be found in China. It has very useful properties, including: slowing down the aging of cells, excellent prevention of caries, and those who suffer from joint pain are advised to drink about five cups a day, of course, after consulting with their doctor.
Oolong. This type of infusion is something between the green and black type; the product has the positive properties of both types at the same time. It has a wonderful effect on the health and color of the skin, the level of antioxidants is also high and, in addition, has a relaxing and calming effect. According to reviews, Milk Oolong is considered the most delicious and leading among various tea ratings, try it, perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for.
Puer. One of the main features is a special fermentation method. It occurs with the help of the mold Aspergillus acidus and can last for varying periods of time. Due to this, the infusion is able to remove waste and toxins and also actively reduces cholesterol levels, which is an excellent prevention of stroke and heart attack. We recommend trying Grandmother’s Shen and Grandfather’s Shu.

Interesting prefixes to the name indicate the flavor notes of the drink, for example: Hua (floral notes), Guo (fruit notes), Mi (honey aroma), Nai (milk type), Chen (very rich product) and so on.

So, now you already know enough information in terms of the tea industry and can independently choose the drink you need. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to seek help from experienced consultants who can quickly and easily select natural and tasty tea according to your personal taste preferences, wishes and criteria. This way you will enjoy every cup of excellent drink you drink!


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