How to exchange cryptocurrency: popular and safe ways

When using cryptocurrency, it is necessary to exchange digital currency for fiat money, or vice versa. This can be done in several ways. We will talk about them in the article.


A cryptocurrency exchange is a specialized platform that organizes a meeting of sellers of digital currencies and buyers. This is a great way to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money. One of the most popular exchanges is OKX. By the way, you can read a review of it – OKX Review – on the Wellcrypto site. The exchange process (for example, cryptocurrencies for fiat money) is carried out in the following way:

  • You go through registration and verification on the site.
  • After confirming your account, create an exchange request. Indicate that you are selling a certain amount of cryptocurrency.
  • Your application instantly falls into the so-called “order book”. If it matches the conditions of another application, it is processed instantly. If it does not match, it stays waiting – another user can confirm and purchase cryptocurrency from you for fiat money.

A feature of the exchange is that you can track price movements in real time on the same site – this allows you to speculate with the price. There will also be a large number of tools on the cryptocurrency broker platform – with their help, you can analyze the chart and find the optimal entry points to the market. This will allow you to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money at a favorable rate for you.

You can withdraw fiat money earned for the sale of cryptocurrency to an electronic wallet or bank card.

P2P platforms

Such platforms allow you to make an instant exchange between two strangers. And the P2P platform itself acts as a guarantor for each party to fulfill its obligations. One of the most popular P2P platforms today is LocalBitcoins. By the way, you can also read a review of the site – LocalBitcoins Review – on the Wellcrypto page.

With the help of a P2P platform, you can make an exchange instantly – within a few minutes. And you can receive money both to an electronic wallet and to a bank card – it depends on the conditions of the platform. Most P2P sites are usually open around the clock.

Don’t change money like that

Some people are looking for someone who want to trade users on local forums. Then they meet with a person live and make an exchange. We do not recommend exchanging currency in this way – since in this case there is no guarantee that the user will not leave with your money without fulfilling his obligations. Exchange cryptocurrency only on reliable P2P platforms or exchanges. This way you will ensure the safety and security of your funds.


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