The film “Tesla”: a biopic trailer about a brilliant inventor

A trailer for a biographical film about the life and inventions of the genius physicist Nikola Tesla has been published. The tape will be released in late August. And her premiere screening took place at the Sundance Film Festival, writes Cut Insight.

The plot of the picture revolves around the difficult struggle waged by Nikola Tesla, for the sake of embodying his revolutionary electrical invention. The tape details Tesla’s difficult relationship with Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and tycoon J.P. Morgan. The daughter of the latter at the same time sympathizes with Tesla.

The authors of the tape draw bold parallels between the era in which the inventor lived and today. Among other things, the main character of the picture boldly challenges conventions.

The main role in the film was played by Ethan Hawke (“After Sunset”, “Before Dawn”). Kyle McLachlan (Twin Peaks) reincarnated as Edison for the picture, and Jim Guffigan plays George Westinghouse. Also in the picture played Donnie Keshavarz, Yves Hewson, Hannah Gross and others. And the director, screenwriter and one of the producers was Michael Almereida. It is noteworthy that the script for this tape was written back in the 1980s.

It is symbolic that the premiere of the trailer for the film took place on July 10, the birthday of Nikola Tesla.

Recall that earlier on the network appeared trailers of the series about the expedition to Mars “Away” and the Ukrainian series “And there will be people.”


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