Nolan’s films Inception and Interstellar will be released again

Before the release of Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk, there will be a short retrospective of the director. His films “Inception” and “Interstellar” will be shown.

Spectators in Kyiv, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, Sumy and Lutsk will be able to see them.

On July 6, screenings of the film “Inception,” which tells about a talented thief named Cobb, will start. He got used to stealing treasured secrets from the depths of the subconscious during sleep. It is in this state that the human mind is most vulnerable. This profession turned him into an eternal fugitive and deprived him of the opportunity for personal happiness.

However, Cobb’s new assignment gives him a chance to set things right. He will have to implant the desired idea into the mind of his victim, thus committing the perfect crime.

From July 13, you can watch Interstellar, which tells the story of a single father who is recognized as one of the best pilots. After retirement, he devoted all his energy to his family, but one day he had to leave his family to save the universe.

Together with a group of scientists, he goes in search of a space-time tunnel. Thanks to it, humanity can be able to make interstellar flights in a shorter period. And this can save people from the impending apocalypse.

The war drama Dunkirk will be released on July 20.


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