RGB IDEA GROUP agency`s main goal is to help people and to do our business with pride. We do it for ourselves, our country and our partners. After the beginning of a full-scale invasion on the territory of Ukraine, the agency did not stop its activity, but contrary we have created a number of strategic projects. Today, we will tell you more about one of them.

When the war started, the WCK World Central Kitchen, which humanitarian mission is to feed people in disaster areas around the world, arrived on a mission to Ukraine. The work of the WCK in Ukraine is managed and carried out daily by thousands of brave Ukrainians. Nowadays, the foundation has a team of more than 4,500 people, including cooks, drivers, warehouse managers, logistics specialists. All of them help to serve more than 1 million meals every day. WCK is always first on the front lines, providing food in response to humanitarian, climate and social crises. The foundation constantly builds sustainable food systems with unique, locally developed solutions.

RGB IDEA GROUP has become one of the fund’s main partners. We proposed the fund to develop a private label for the entire humanitarian product line, including: stew, pasta, sunflower oil, biscuits, various cereals, flour, etc. For more than 5 months, every day, WCK keeps supporting people in need, giving them all of the mentioned products. The RGB IDEA GROUP team expresses our gratitude for the trust and support of Ukraine in such a dark and difficult time.

Helping foundations like WCK in their development is a contribution to the victory and every person, every team is able to bring us closer to it. https://rgbideagroup.com/