Sense of style: Top 5 films about fashion designers

“People are not carried away by fashion, but by the few who create it,” said the brilliant Coco Chanel. The films in this collection are dedicated to such people – true artists of style. Each of these films is a hymn to elegance, and each main character in these films is a standard of good taste. The same can be said about knitted items from ROMANOVA Designer Knitwear, which are the embodiment of impeccable quality and comfort, embodied in the author’s knitting.

Dressmaker (2015)

The film takes the viewer to provincial America in 1951. A female fashion designer named Tilly Dunnage works in the high fashion industry. One day she returns to her secluded hometown of Dangatear to look after her mother. Local residents are sure that many years ago Tilly killed a schoolboy. However, in reality this is not the case. To prove her innocence and restore justice, she uses only one weapon – her sewing machine.

After the Ball (2015)

This cute comedy tells the story of a girl named Kate, who loves fashionable clothes and dreams of becoming a famous designer. She designs stylish outfits that receive high marks. But, despite her talent, the girl is not hired to work at a fashion house. The reason is that Kate’s father runs the Kassel ready-to-wear stores, which all famous designers hate because they sell clothes made from stolen designs from fashion houses. To get out of such a confusing situation, Kate decides on a little trick that will cause a real commotion in the world of high fashion.

Paris à tout prix (2013)

At the center of this colorful comedy is a girl, Maya, who was born in Morocco and is undergoing an internship at one of the fashion houses in Paris. After 20 years of living in the French capital, she became fully integrated into the Parisian lifestyle. More than anything in life, she wants to complete her internship successfully and get a permanent job. But when Maya’s residence permit in France expires, she is deported to her homeland. Despite such difficulties, she continues to prepare for the fashion show, while simultaneously trying to get back to Paris. But all these attempts turn into cute anecdotes.

The action of this film also takes place in Paris, where famous couturiers, top models, and publishers of glossy magazines come to Haute Couture Week. Millions of eyes around the world are glued to the colorful series of fashion shows. However, the authors of this film tell about the small stories of different people who remain behind the scenes of this large-scale fashion event. Two journalists, a man and a woman, who do not know each other, are accidentally placed in the same hotel room, and this week turns into a honeymoon for them. The son of the owner of a fashion house, secretly from his mother, sells the family business to a shoemaker from Texas. Three fashion editors are vying for a contract with a prestigious photographer. And the Italian becomes an accidental witness to the death of the show organizer and again meets his old love – his widow.

In this tape, dozens of celebrities pass through the screen, among whom you can recognize movie stars, fashion designers and designers.

This selection of films began with an aphorism from the legendary Coco, and ends with a biopic about her. The film tells about the ups and downs of a career, dizzying success on a high catwalk, true friendship and hurtful betrayal of one of the main designers of the 20th century. It was Coco who became the first woman to wear men’s trousers, she invented the little black dress, the world famous fragrance of Chanel No. 5 perfume, laid the foundation of one of the most authoritative fashion houses in the world, and also left a great legacy.