9 Ukrainian films that will be released in 2015

Every year the number of Ukrainian films in our distribution is growing. If in 2013 there were only 12 of them, and last year – 15, then this year their number may reach twenty.

In less than three months of 2015, there were already six of our films in Ukrainian cinemas: “Magic Stories: The Elixir of Kindness”, “Stronger than a Gun”, the anthology “New Ukrainian Wave”, OE. 20 LIVE IN KYIV, “Love me” and “Rivet dates”. Over the course of the year, they are promised to be joined by at least nine more films:

Brothers. Last Confession

This psychological drama promises to be released in the spring. In atmosphere it is reminiscent of Scandinavian cinema, and in spirit it absolutely accurately conveys the authenticity of the Carpathians. The film tells about the enmity of two old Hutsul brothers. Living side by side, they have not communicated for many years. Both brothers are living out their last days. And the only thing that prolongs their days is mutual hatred, which makes each of them die later than their brother.

The film visited more than ten film forums, and also competed for prizes at two A-class film festivals in Goa and Moscow.

Deadly Alive

The premiere of this thriller is scheduled for March. It tells about the famous writer Semyon, who has been receiving SMS messages from an unknown number for three years. They tell very accurately about his future. Any attempts to find out where exactly they come from turned out to be a failure. He also fails to resist the predictions. Which have not be avoided. And one day he will receive a message on his phone that will change his whole life.

The film was filmed in Kyiv and Chernigov. The main roles were played by Oleg Primogenov, Victoria Varley and Alexander Gereles.

Flight of the Golden Fly (Chronicles)

Ukrainian comedies appear on domestic screens no more often than salary increases. Both the first and second ones, at the same time, cause the same reaction.

The film is about a girl who loves to look at the sky as if it were a movie screen and dream. She tells three versions of one story, how World War III almost started because of a bull in their village. In addition, she composes an ode to the death of her grandfather, who, dying, said that human life is like the flight of a golden fly over a fire – very bright, but very short.

This film is full of Galician humor, which the authors of the films generously drew from Bogdan Voloshin’s “Burachkovitsa Chronicles”. It promises to be released in the spring.

It’s me

The nostalgic family drama depicts the whirlpool of feelings into which the main character, Yana, plunged after a quarrel with her husband. Returning to the village to her relatives, she finds no place for herself. And he doesn’t really talk to his mother, and he constantly quarrels with his sister, and somehow the sexual relationship with his ex-lover doesn’t go well. A nervous breakdown, which has just begun to heal, does not give her the opportunity to enjoy meeting her family. And suddenly there will be a phone call that will change everything.

The feed is filled with quarrels, harsh words, complaints and other negativity. Joy and optimism seem not to be part of the geography of the lives of the heroes of this film. But in chronic depression and the evaporated darkness of their reality, alas, many recognize themselves.


This is the most expensive Ukrainian film in the entire history of Independence. Its budget reached $5 million. It will be released in April.

The film is dedicated to the fate of sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko. She shot 309 Nazis and fascists in the war before she was 25 years old. Already during the war, her name became legendary. In this regard, she was given the opportunity to speak at the Allied Conference. And it was her speech that prompted the US government to open the Second Front. In addition, she was friends with Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the US President of those years. In short, Lyudmila became one of the few women who changed the course of World War II.

Under the electric clouds

This film by Alexei German Jr. promises to appear in theaters in the second half of the year. The film participated in the competition program of the Berlin Film Festival. The main roles in it were played by Chulpan Khamatova, frontman of the Esthetic Education group Louis Frank, Alexey Vertinsky and other prominent actors from the post-Soviet space.

The plot takes the viewer to 2017, when, according to the creators’ plan, the world is on the verge of a big war. The film consists of short stories, the action of which takes place on the day when the first snow falls. The heroes of these stories are not related to each other, but they are all united by the role of the “extra person”, described in detail in classical literature. The picture depicts the mosaic of existence, which, in essence, is our life.

Ocean Elzy. Backstage

At the end of February, the concert film Okean Elzy was released. And in the fall, a documentary film about the behind-the-scenes of the group promises to be released. And this despite the fact that just last year it was as impossible for a Ukrainian documentary film to get into wide screens as it was for a foreigner to get into the government. However, already in 2015, a number of domestic documentaries are on their way to cinemas, and three foreigners are in the Cabinet of Ministers.

This picture was shot by a living classic of Ukrainian documentary Sergei Bukovsky (“Alive”, “War. Ukrainian Score”). The film depicts the everyday life of the legendary rock band, showing their rehearsals, sound checks, and interviews with its members. In addition, the feed draws a parallel with current events in the country

In addition, a number of documentaries about events in Ukraine should soon appear in limited release. Among them is the film “Everything is Burning” by Dmitry Stoykov, Alexander Techinsky and Alexey Solodunov, which is dedicated to the revolution of Dignity. Painting by Yaroslav Pilunsky “The First Hundred”, dedicated to a year in the life of the people who stood on the Maidan. Also, as part of the Babylon`13 project, Laura Artyugina is filming a documentary about the Donbass battalion, and Vladimir Tikhy continues to work on a major research film, “Brantsy.” True, the last two films will be released at the end of the year.

Now I will love you

The authors plan to release the film before the New Year so that they have something to replace the boring holiday hit “The Irony of Fate…”. The main roles in this comedy with a touch of drama were played by Bogdan Benyuk and Olga Sumskaya. They played a married couple for whom fate had prepared ironic surprises.

In the story, two young girls take their first steps into adulthood. Naturally, their attempts to live independently and independently are associated with a lot of stupidity and mistakes. That is why they try to rewrite the script of their life again and again. However, life does not always give the right to make a mistake, much less to correct it. The action of the romantic film about love partly takes place in Georgia.

The Old Miller’s Tale

The release of domestic children’s films on Ukrainian screens has become a good tradition, which, fortunately, will continue in such a difficult year for us as this. This film will clearly and easily explain to the youngest moviegoers what is good and what is evil. It will be released at the end of the year. Key roles in the film were played by Ostap Stupka, Irma Vitovskaya, Ada Rogovtseva, Vladimir Goryansky, Anatoly Khostikoev.

The plot of the film balances on the verge of historical and fantasy. Fighting off attacks from ghouls and other evil spirits, his heroes will have to go through a series of tests. As a result, they will become stronger in their feelings and beliefs. With their kindness, honesty and love, they overcome everything that at first glance seems insurmountable.

As often happens, planned release dates may be postponed. The list of these films will certainly be supplemented by Alexander Mindadze’s new work “Dear Hans, Dear Peter,” as well as Alexander Litvinenko’s thriller “Salvation.” In addition, the traditional selection of the best short films “New Ukrainian Wave” should appear.