8 Most Famous Movies from Taiwan

Taiwanese cinema may not be the most popular in the CIS and Europe, but here you can see a lot of very interesting films. This country has given us many films with bright and unpredictable plots. Today’s article is about these films. We have selected a list of ten masterpieces of cinema from this small country.

Bright summer day

Taipei, 60s of the twentieth century. He is the son of a civil servant, she is the girlfriend of one of the local bandits. Is it possible to start a relationship and what will it lead to?

Our times

A schoolgirl, whose life seems gray and boring to her, decides to play a prank. She sends letters to several classmates, promising terrible misfortunes to those who read them. She doesn’t really put anything like that into them, but one of the recipients gets hit by a car…

Eternal summer

Shane and Jonathan have been best friends their entire lives. And it seemed that nothing could change this state of affairs. But suddenly they both meet a girl named Kerry, who changes their whole lives.


She is a successful writer. He is an ordinary employee of the enterprise, to whom the authorities promised a promotion. Will he get it and how will it affect his relationship with his wife?

Eat, drink, man, woman

Chu works as a head chef at a high-end restaurant. And none of his three daughters wanted to connect their lives with this institution. They approach the process of preparing and eating food differently. For Chu, as a professional chef, this is a complex, delicate and surprising process. For girls, it’s just a small part of life that doesn’t require much time.

Out of sight

The main character’s beloved dog disappears. She would have found it quickly if she could have seen it. But the girl is blind, and in her search she has to rely solely on her own imagination and other senses. She tries to find the animal and ends up in some unknown world. What awaits her there and will she find her pet?

Life of Pi

The main character in the film, directed by a Taiwanese director, meets a famous writer and shares his life story with him. The film may seem sad, but it is worth noting its original plot: Pi (that’s his name) talks, among other things, about his meeting with a Bengal tiger, with whom he swam across the ocean.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The attackers stole the martial artist’s legendary sword. He goes on a long journey to find his weapon. And he also finds an ancient enemy who has returned after long wanderings.


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