13 sculptures in which directors merged with their characters

Mike Levitt is an American sculptor and he is very fond of cinema. This passion is expressed in his work, where he makes unusual wooden figures, glorifying his favorite directors. Each figure includes some image of a popular movie character from famous films.

Features of creative works

This man makes sculptures that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. His design projects consist of prototypes that are reproduced in very limited quantities.

Mike Levitt’s Manifesto

At first glance, Mike appears to people as a very controversial author, but such an opinion can only be formed at first. Certain principles clearly emerge in his work, which are formulated by a kind of creative manifesto with an almost provocative title: “Art is boring and stuffy. I hate regular art.” Most likely, such a statement is intended to draw attention to the compiler of this masterpiece, but, nevertheless, it has been successfully confirmed by deeds. Everything he creates has nothing in common with traditional academic art. All works have their own flavor.

Project history

Mike decided to perform satirical portraits of famous people back in 2002. At that time, he realized his high artistic purpose – the philosophy of creative activity. His hands created figures represented by art legends: Jackson Pollock, Mark Ryden, Jeff Koons, as well as musicians: Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakura. Mike himself called his figurines verbose collages.

He chose characters for the figures depending on how commercially successful that person was. The sculpture of a man with a distinctly creative style pays tribute to him as a man of art. If it is not possible to combine genius and appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to the second nuance.

A series of figures created by Mike Levitt, presented in a pop art style and dedicated to the personalities of famous directors, bears a very close resemblance to the characters from the films of which they are the authors. He called his famous series “Army of Art.”




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