Autumn evenings are the perfect time to watch movies. Warm rom-coms, funny comedies and touching melodramas – in the list we have combined the best films that are perfect for the atmospheric season.

When Harry met Sally

This melodrama was awarded the British Academy for Best Screenplay and will definitely appeal to fans of the autumn atmosphere. In the center of the plot is a couple whose acquaintance 12 years ago began with an unsuccessful date. Checkered coats, Central Park’s yellow leaves and touching footage are the perfect combination.

Dead Poets Society

This film literally laid the foundation for the “dark academy” aesthetic. The film tells about a private boarding house for young men, with their dreams, ambitions, hobbies, which are united by a love of creativity, theater and literature.

About time

The Richard Curtis rom-com is the perfect complement to warm autumn gatherings with a blanket and tea. The film tells about an unusual, slightly fantastic love story – a young man who can move in time meets a girl in a quiet English pub and realizes that she is exactly his destiny.

Autumn in New York

The 2000 film with Winona Ryder and Richard Gere will not leave anyone indifferent. Scenes filmed in Central Park and on the autumn streets of a noisy but cozy New York are superimposed on a touching story. In the film, you can see how the attitude towards the concept of happiness of an experienced and mature restaurant owner changes after meeting a charming young girl.

The Lake house

Another fantastic film in the selection of the best autumn films tells about a couple who are connected by a place – an aesthetic lake house. Lovers live in different times, but find a connection through correspondence. This movie conveys the atmosphere of the first days of November, when the snow is about to fall, and the last leaves will fly off the trees.

Mona Lisa smile

Mike Newell’s film, starring Julia Roberts, can be called the female version of Dead Poets Society. The film tells about a teacher in a women’s boarding school, who teaches her wards not only to understand texts from textbooks, but to think and live freely, to think about really important things. The atmosphere inherent in the film of multi-colored coats, country autumn gardens, stacks of books is insanely inspiring.


Incredibly addictive love story causes a storm of emotions. The precisely shown feeling of passion, pushing to frenzy, guides not only the characters, but also the overall picture of the film with a very cozy and atmospheric musical accompaniment.

If I stay

If you do not know how to cause a feeling of pleasant melancholy, then be sure to watch this movie. The main character, who survived the accident that killed her loved ones, needs to make a choice. A girl can die with family members who have always been her support, or come to her senses in order to find the meaning of existence in something else.

You’ve Got Mail

This film about those who have a close mental connection, but at the same time two complete strangers in real life, has a very warm autumn atmosphere. Bookshelves, stores decorated for Halloween, and cute messages that intrigue – all this can be found in the movie for a quiet evening with loved ones and friends.