10 best movies based on Agatha Christie novels

Agatha Christie – “Dame Commander” of the Order of the British Empire, the author of detective stories for all time. She has a whole army of fans who read the writer’s creations and exalt them to the skies. And there is nothing strange in this. The author’s ability to overwhelm the reader, to turn the story on its head, is almost phenomenal.

There is nothing to be surprised by the amazing adaptations of Agatha Christie books on the big screen. They will be discussed.

In the center of the story is a resilient detective in a skirt – the famous Miss Marple. The plot follows a movie star who settles in a village and hosts a party for her neighbors. It is at this meeting that the crime occurs – one of the village women drinks a cocktail and dies. That’s just it was intended for a movie star. Who wanted to kill her?

Crooked house (2017)

This film is filled to the brim with family intrigue, money disputes, and a host of horrific murder suspects. The victim in the picture is an oligarch. His granddaughter hired Detective Charles Hayward to investigate. Looking closely at the household, the detective realized that everyone had a motive. Even a loving granddaughter.

And there was none left (1945)

This version of the most popular work of Agatha Christie is considered the best. It stands out due to the preservation of the plot and structure of the novel unchanged. The film tells about ten strangers who arrived on the island at the invitation of an unknown benefactor. He never appears, but they hear a recording explaining their presence. All of them are involved in crimes for which they will finally be held accountable. From that moment on, a series of cold-blooded murders begins – there are fewer and fewer guests.

4:50 pm from Paddington (1961)/After the Burial (1963)

These are the first two films about the adventures of Miss Marple, filmed in a very loose retelling. In the first part, an old woman investigates a murder she sees on a passing train. The killer hid the body of the victim, and the police refused to search. The second picture is about the sudden death of a wealthy man who died of a heart attack. His death is a real mystery that Miss Marple will have to unravel.

Endless Night (1972)

A truly intriguing and captivating film that touches on the themes of class inequality and climbing the social ladder. The plot tells of a young and rich countess who is getting married. But her choice is strange for many. Her husband is poor, though attractive. Soon a terrible thing happens – the countess dies. And who is the killer? Husband or someone else?

Evil Under the Sun (1982)

The protagonist of the detective is the favorite of the public, the famous Hercule Poirot. Thinking about the diamond substitution case, the detective arrives on the island. Around – an amazing bliss and exquisite audience. But Poirot always imagines evil, which, in the end, manifests itself. There is a murder, for the investigation of which the most brilliant of minds is taken.

Death on the Nile (1978)

And again the story of Hercule Poirot. The action takes place on board a steamer making a luxurious cruise on the Nile. At the center of events is a love triangle. The plot tells about a rich heiress who married her friend’s fiancé. The same one, in order to spoil the insolent fun, goes after them. In the end, the millionaire is killed. But the killer doesn’t stop there.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

In this picture, the main character is Sir Wilfrid Robarts. He is a lawyer suffering from a serious illness. The doctor forbade him to investigate, and he was forced to agree. However, it didn’t last long. As soon as an interesting case turned up, the lawyer set to work again.

Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

In one of the compartments of a train bound for Istanbul, a lifeless body is found. Having examined the deceased, Hercule Poirot immediately realizes that a murder has been committed, and immediately takes up the investigation.