10 Asian films that inspired Tarantino

Unlike many directors of his level, Quentin Tarantino has always watched a huge number of films. In this regard, his personal paintings are densely overgrown with quotes from classic films. Asian films occupy a special place among them.

The publication Taste Of Cinema named ten Far Eastern artists from whom Tarantino borrowed a lot.

Bodyguard 2: Brave Sanjuro (1962) Akira Kurosawa
Borrowed from: The sword fight scenes in both Kill Bill films

“Big Boss” (1971) Lo Wei
Borrowed: fight between the Bride and the “88 Mad”

Scorpio: Barack #41 (1972) Sunya Ito
Borrowed: some features of the main character of Kill Bill, as well as many scenes from this film

Sex and Fury (1973) Norifumi Suzuki
Borrowed from: scenes in the House of Blue Leaves and the image of the main character in “Kill Bill”

“Mistress Blood Snow” (1973) Toshiya Fujita
Borrowed from: the structure of Kill Bill, the image of the main character, the duel in the snow and many other characters

“Game of Death” (1978) Robert Clouse
Borrowed: the main character’s costume in Kill Bill

Future Bright 2: Hurricane Fire (1987) John Woo
Borrowed: the appearance of the “bad guys” in “Kill Bill” and “Reservoir Dogs”

“City on Fire” (1987) Ringo Lam
Borrowed from: many plot details and poetic depiction of death in Reservoir Dogs

“The Hitman” (1989) John Woo
Borrowed from: the style of violence, atmosphere, slow motion and non-stop bloodbaths in Kill Bill and other Tarantino films

“Samurai Story” (1998) Hiroyuki Nakano
Borrowed: Silhouette footage of a massive sword fight